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As a simple example, let’s look at a knee ligament strain resulting from athletics. Depending on 


Osteopathy And Sports Injuries


Osteopathy offers significant benefits to patients suffering from sports related injuries. Osteopathy is a whole-body therapy. This means that when osteopaths treat sports injuries they do not simply treat the injured area, but also take into consideration the biomechanical effects of the injury on other areas of the body.



Because of their severity, ligament tears can take up to three months to heal fully. During that time, it is likely that the injured person will "favour" the injured leg, and put more weight on the other leg. Over a period of time this may lead to imbalances in the pelvic muscles and even in the low back. Because of this, an osteopath treating the injury will treat all of these related areas in addition to the injured knee itself. Our osteopath can also advise on rehabilitation strategies and exercises.

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